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Equipsource LF-WK Generator Wheel Kit
Equipsource LF-WK Generator Wheel Kit
Our Price: $69.99

Lifan's universal wheel kit for all "open-frame" style generators and water pumps. Includes 1 axle, 2 wheels, 2 handles, and 2 legs. All bolts, nuts and cotter pins included.
Lifan Power Usa ESPPC Duo-Power Parallel Cord Junction Box
Lifan Power Usa ESPPC Duo-Power Parallel Cord Junction Box, For Use With ESI2000iER or ESI2600iER Generator Units
Our Price: $129.99

Parallel connection box for Energy Storm ESI2000 and ESI2600IER Inverters only. Duo-Power box allows combining the power of two Energy Storm digital inverters together for maximum wattage. Mix and match two different sizes unlike our competition. All power cords and digital signal cables included.
Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator
Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator, 120 V, 8.3 A, 900/1200 W, 2-Stroke Air-Cooled, 1-Cylinder
Our Price: $179.99

72 cc single cylinder 2 hp. 2-stroke, air cooled. Recoil start. 12V DC output. Two 120 V outlets. Runs 8.5h at half load. Max output: 1200W/60HZ. Rated output: 900W/60HZ.
Equipsource EnergyStorm ES1500 Portable Generator
Equipsource EnergyStorm ES1500 Portable Generator, 120 VAC, 12 A, 1500/1200 W, 4-Stroke OHV
Our Price: $269.99

Lifan portable generator specs: 1500 w surge, 1200 w rated, 2-120 v/20 amp AC receptacle. 1-12 v/8.3 amp DC receptacle. 1.5 MHP (97.7 cc) Lifan 4 stroke gasoline engine, recoil start, 1.00 gallon fuel tank, 6 hour run time (at 50 percent load). 63 decibles sound rating.
Pulsar PG2000 Portable Generator
Pulsar PG2200 Portable Generator, 120 V, 8.3 A, 1400/2200 W, 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled, 1-Cylinder
Our Price: $299.99

4-stroke, OHV, air cooled. Recoil start. 12V DC output without voltmeter. Two 120V outlets. Max output: 2200W/60HZ. Rated output: 1600W/60HZ.
Equipsource ES2200 Portable Generator
Equipsource ES2200 Portable Generator, 120 VAC, 15 A, 2200/1800 W, Overhead Valve
Our Price: $349.99

Lifan portable generator specs: 2200 w surge, 1800 w rated, 2-120v/20 amp AC receptacle, 4 MHP (118cc) Lifan 4-stroke gasoline engine, recoil start 1.98 gallon fuel tank, 7.5 hour run time (at 50 percent load) 74 decibels sound rating.
Equipsource EnergyStorm ESI1000I Inverter Generator
Equipsource EnergyStorm ESI1000I Inverter Generator, 110/120 V, 8 A, 1000/900 W, 4-Stroke OHV
Our Price: $439.99

"Clean power" of less than 2 percent total harmonic distortion to safely power sensitive electronics. Specs: 1000 w surge, 900 w rated, 1-120v/20 amp AC receptacle, 1-12v/8.3 amp DC receptacle, 53cc 4-stroke gasoline engine, recoil start, 0.79 gallon fuel tank, 5 hour run time (at 50 percent load), 60 decibels sound rating.
Pulsar PG4500 Portable Generator
Pulsar PG5250 Dual Fuel Generator, 4 gal Capacity, 76 dB, 3500/4500 W, 30 A, 120/240 VAC, 23-1/4 in L x 17 in W
Our Price: $479.99

Max. output 5250W. Rated output 4250W. Single cylinder 7 HP engine, 224cc 4 stroke, OHV, air cooled. Two 120 volt outlets, one 120v/240v twist lock, 12 volt DC output and 3 in-1 digital meter. Pulll start.
Pulsar PG4500B Generator
Pulsar PG4500B Dual Fuel Generator, 0.42 gph, 4 gal Capacity, 70 dB, 7 hp, 29/26 A, 120/240 V, Black/White Housing
Our Price: $629.99

Max. output: 5250W/60HZ. Rated output 4250W/60HZ; OHV single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooling. Recoil start. Two 120 volt outlets; one 120 volt twick lock. One 30A RV outlet; 12 volt DC output. 3 into 1 digital meter. Uses gasoline and propane.
Generac GP 5939 Portable Generator
Generac GP 5939 Portable Generator, 120/240 VAC, 23 A, 5500/6875 W, Overhead Valve
Our Price: $649.99

Hardened steel tube cradle. Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge. Locking fold-down handles and wheel kit. Low-oil shutdown. Hour meter with maintenance resets. Specs: AC Rated Output - 5500 Watts; AC Maximum Output - 6875 Watts; AC Voltage - 120V/240V; AC Frequency - 60 Hz; Rated VAC Amperage 45.8/22.9; Max Rated VAC Amperage 57.3/28.6; Engine Type and Displacement - OHV 389cc; RPM - 3600; Starting Method ? Recoil Pull Start; Fuel Capacity - 7.2 Gallons (27.3 liters); Run Time at 1/2 Load - 10 Hours; Dimensions L x W x H (inches); 27.25 x 27 x 25. Unit Weight - 170.9 lbs. (81.3 kg.).
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