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Sentry 1913 Hot Spot Skin Medication
Sentry 1913 Hot Spot Skin Medication, 4 oz
Our Price: $6.99

Specifically formulated to treat "Hot Spots", a common skin ailment of dogs which includes reddened area, hair loss, intense itching and warm to touch. No sting formula does not contain alcohol that can sting when applied to open wounds.
Sentry 02103 HC Ear Miticide
Sentry 02103 HC Ear Miticide, 1 oz
Our Price: $7.59

Eliminates mites and ticks in the ears of cats and provides relief from itching. Contains aloe.
Sentry 2233 Ear Miticide
Sentry 2233 Ear Miticide, 3 oz
Our Price: $7.59

Earmite free ear miticide kills ticks and ear mites in dogs. It will also aid in relief from itching caused by such conditions. This formula contains aloe, which will help soothe your dog's ear.
Sentry 2235 Hydrocortisone Spray
Sentry 2235 Hydrocortisone Spray, 4 oz
Our Price: $8.99

Provides quick relief form itching and rashes and other minor skin irritations. Safe to use on puppies 12 weeks of age or older.
Petrodex 53101 Breath Spray
Petrodex 53101 Breath Spray, 4 oz
Our Price: $9.99

Daily usage breath spray for between brushings that fights bacteria causing plaque and bad breath. Cleans teeth and gums, controls bad breath and soothes irritated gums, leaving dogs and cats with wintergreen fresh breath.
Nutri-Vet 12199-3 Buffered Aspirin
Nutri-Vet 12199-3 Aspirin, 300 mg
Our Price: $11.99

Liver flavored chewables aid in temporary relief of pain and inflammation.
Sentry 31101 Pet Anti-Itch Spray
Sentry 31101 Pet Anti-Itch Spray, 8.1 oz
Our Price: $12.99

Relieves itching and speeds healing.
Wormx Ds 17500 Dog Wormer
Wormx Ds 17500 Dog Wormer, 120 lb, Liquid
Our Price: $13.99

Treats dogs up to 120 lbs. Canine anthelmintic suspension. Active ingredient: 4.54 mg of pyrantel base as pyrantel pamoate per mL. FDA approved.
Nutri-Vet 01271-0 Hip and Joint Dog Chewable Food
Nutri-Vet 01271-0 Hip and Joint Dog Chewable Food, 75 Tablet Bottle
Our Price: $15.99

Provides natural ingredients that support joint function and connective tissue to help your dog stay active and enjoy life. Contains Glucosamine and Vitamin C.
Nutri-Vet 99879-3 Milk Replacement Powder
Nutri-Vet 99879-3 Milk Replacement Powder, 12 oz Can
Our Price: $18.99

Milk replacement for puppies is formulated as a nutritional supplement when the mother's milk supply is inadequate or as a sole ration for orphan puppies. It contains essential amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids that newborn puppies need. It is readily accepted by newborn puppies and produces excellent growth rates and weight gain. It can also be used to help meet the increased nutritional requirements during dogs' gestation or pregnancy or in convalescing or elderly canines.

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